• Ring Pull Base Tray

Ring Pull Base Tray

Feeder seed trays reduce waste (and mess) and provide extra perching space on your bird feeders. They're made from tough polycarbonate, with drainage holes and are designed for use with our feeder pole or on hanging feeders.

Particularly recommended for niger feeders. This medium seed tray is specifically designed for all RSPB Classic, Ultimate Easy Clean, Cheater and Premium bird feeders too.

Product Features:

   - Easily twist to remove tray and feeder base together

   - Includes BaseLink

   - Can be used with Garden Pole

   - Also fits Lifetime and Bird Lovers feeders

Products Dimensions:

  •    - Diameter: 265mm

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: RPT-1
  • Availability: In Stock