• Apollo 2500 Greenhouse

Apollo 2500 Greenhouse

Apollo 2500 Greenhouse - From novice to expert, the 1.93m (6’4”) wide Apollo greenhouse is available in 5 sizes to meet the needs of any gardener. The Apollo design is based on the Venus with the added benefit of a low threshold entrance for easy access.

There is a single sliding door which can be positioned to the left or the right.

The Apollo 2500 is equipped with 1 roof vent, and the structure has been strengthened with the inclusion of roof braces.

The low threshold entrance distinguishes the Apollo from the Venus range. Not having to step over a perimeter base reduces any risk of tripping.

  • Nominal Size:  6' × 4'
  • Length: 1.31m (4'4")
  • Width: 1.93m (6'4")
  • Eaves Height: 1.36m (4'5")
  • Ridge Height: 2.09m (6'8")
  • Vents: 1
  • Growing Area: 2.5m(27ft2)

  • Brand: Vitavia
  • Product Code: a2500
  • Availability: In Stock


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