• Easy-fit Perch Rings For Ring Pull Feeders

Easy-fit Perch Rings For Ring Pull Feeders

It's all about choice. Some species enjoy stationing themselves on the feeders perch bar while others prefer to feed head-on, keeping a wary eye out for predators. The polycarbonate ring pushes onto the feeder perch in an instant and they're just as easily removed.

We've found some species prefer perch rings to standard perches when they feed. Greenfinches, chaffinches and robins like perch rings, while other more agile birds such as blue tits and great tits seem less troubled simply taking food from the nearest feeder. 

Product Features:

   - Provides secure, comfortable perching space for feeding birds

   - Predators can be seen more easily

   - Instant fit, easy to remove

   - Unique design

   - Also available for Lifetime feeders

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: RPR
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