My Favourites Small Bird Feeder

This Jacobi Jayne My Favourites Small Bird Feeder is perfect for species like tits and goldfinches that cling while they feed.

The seed feeder has been specifically designed to make it difficult for larger birds such as pigeons and starlings to get a steady foothold, encouraging them to feed elsewhere. Made with a UV stabilised tube, which prevents sunlight discolouration or cracking and ensures that your small bird feeder is durable and long lasting.

It is perfect for use with niger seeds to attract goldfinches, or other seeds and seed mixes. With a twist off top for filling and a clip off base for simple cleaning, this clingers only feeder will provide smaller birds with a feeding haven for years to come.

Product Features:

   - Attracts clinging species like tits, wrens, sparrows and finches

   - Discourages pigeons and starlings

   - Quick release lid for easy refill

   - Overhanging roof protects birds and feed from rain

   - Base unclips for cleaning

   - Hang or pole mount

   - Tough and weatherproof

   - UV stabilised preventing sunlight discolouration and cracking

   - Can ONLY be used by clinging birds

Product Dimensions:

  •    - Height: 215mm
  •    - Depth: 192mm
  •    - Width: 192mm
  •    - Capacity: 1.3L

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: MF-1G
  • Availability: In Stock