Lifetime Bird Peanut Feeders

Created by North American birdcare specialists this ever popular quality metal feeder is ideal for offering peanuts, a favourite food for many species including the rarer garden visitors like woodpeckers and nuthatches.

Built for years of sterling service, Lifetime can be hung from a tree branch or hook, or mounted on our Garden Pole. For complete peace of mind, it’s covered by our unique Lifetime Guarantee. Choose from two sizes of feeder, all with green rust-proof metal fittings.

Product Features:

   - Market leading lifetime guarantee (see below)

   - Rust-proof stainless steel mesh that squirrels can't chew

   - Suitable for shelled peanuts or peanut mixes

   - Aluminium perches that cannot be chewed and aren't painful to birds

   - High quality, durable finish that won't chip or fade

   - Die cast top, base and ports for rugged performance

   - Snug-fit sliding cap that's easy to lift but hard for squirrels

   - Contoured base keeps nuts in easy reach

   - Available in a larger size

Product Dimensions:


  •    - Tube Length: 200mm
  •    - Capacity: 0.50L


  •    - Tube Length: 300mm
  •    - Capacity: 0.75L

Product Guarantee:

Lifetime guarantee is provided by Jacobi Jayne. Any relevant information is included with the product on delivery.

For more information please complete the form at the Jacobi Jayne website or call the forever new careline on 08000 720130.

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: LF-P
  • Availability: In Stock


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