• Laverton Bird Table

Laverton Bird Table

The Rowlinson Laverton Bird Table is an attractive wooden bird table with slate roof, ideal for feeding birds with suet blocks, kitchen scraps, mealworms or other treats.

Our garden birds have become increasingly reliant on bird tables as a source of food throughout the year and particularly important during the cold winter months. As some species do not like feeding from a swinging feeder, these bird tables provide a great place for them to eat comfortably. The four sided slate covered roof ensures that the food you leave out is kept dry and provides welcomed shelter to the birds whilst they're feeding. 

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Product Features:

   - Premium quality bird table

   - Four sided hip slate roof with finial

   - Sturdy construction

   - Table top pre-assembled

   - Minimal assembly required

   - All fittings and instructions included

Product Dimensions:


  •    - Height: 1720mm
  •    - Depth: 360mm
  •    - Width: 360mm


  •    - Depth: 590mm
  •    - Width: 590mm

  • Brand: Rowlinson
  • Product Code: BTABLELAV
  • Availability: In Stock


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