I Love Robins Feeder

The I Love Robins Feeder is a hugely popular and versatile small bird feeder. It is perfect for offering a variety of foods including mealworms, fruit, table scraps or seeds and can be pole mounted or suspended from a tree using the brass hook.

The clear dome which covers the seed feeder not only keeps food dry, it can also be adjusted and lowered to prevent larger birds such as doves from accessing the tray. This bird feeder with tray is a proven favourite, which will attract robins, tits and small birds to your garden and give you a fantastic view as they feed.

Its extremely easy to keep clean ensuring that you can offer a healthy and hygienic birdfeeder for feathered friends.

Product Features:

   - Plenty of space for birds to perch and feed in comfort

   - Crystal clear polycarbonate tray and dome offer unrestricted views of birds

   - Fill with I Love Robins feed, seeds or mealworms

   - Polycarbonate dome protects feed and birds from rain and snow

   - Dome height adjusts easily to discourage larger birds

   - Hang from tree branch or hook

   - Lifetime guarantee (see below)

Product Guarantee:

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: ILR-X2
  • Availability: In Stock


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