Bird Lovers Peanut Feeders

Jacobi Jayne's Bird Lovers Peanut Feeder is a perfect starter feeder, ideal for getting kids interested in garden birds and wild bird care. Designed for use with shelled peanuts or suet pellets, which will attract tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins to your garden. The tough wire mesh, rustproof stainless steel handles and durable plastic make this a great value peanut feeder. Easy to clean and maintain, this simple garden feeder is also a cost effective way of offering multiple wild bird feeders in a large garden.

Product Features:

   - Rust-proof steel mesh

   - Suitable for shelled peanuts or peanut mixes

   - Aluminium perches that cannot be chewed and aren't painful to birds

   - Threaded base to attach accessories

   - Forest Green or Aqua finish

   - Available in a larger size

Product Dimensions:


  •    - Tube Length: 200mm
  •    - Capacity: 0.50L


  •    - Tube Length: 300mm
  •    - Capacity: 0.75L

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: NBL
  • Availability: In Stock


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Seed A-Tray


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