Bird Lovers Fat Ball Feeder

The compact Bird Lovers Fat Ball Feeder is a safe, affordable way to offer tasty fat balls to your garden birds. The durable acrylic coated steel cage allows wild birds to cling whilst feeding, without the risk of getting their feet trapped in the nets that suet balls are traditionally offered in.

Ideal for use with our Chunky Dumplings Fat Balls, it holds three delicious suet balls containing high energy fats and nutrients that wild birds love. The feeder can be used all year round, but suet is particularly important for birds in the colder winter months. The lid of the fat ball feeder lifts off for easy re-filling and requires little maintenance other than a simple clean to ensure that it stays hygienic for your birds.

Product Features:

   - Safe for birds as no fat ball nets to tangle feet

   - Strong coated steel cage

   - Holds up to three suet/fat balls

   - Available pre-filled with 3 Chunky Dumplings Fat Balls

Product Features:

  •    - Tube Length: 190mm

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: NBL-GSB
  • Availability: In Stock


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