• BasketBall Fat Ball Window Feeder

BasketBall Fat Ball Window Feeder

The Jacobi Jayne Fat Ball Window Feeder is great for being able to watch birds feeding up close. This fat ball feeder has two section cups which secures it to any clean, dry window, so even if you dont have a garden, this is a fantastic way to feed and observe wild birds. More fat, more birds, it really is a simple as that.

It holds up to 3 x 100g fat or suet balls, which are rich in protein and nutrients, with ingredients including sunflower seeds, oyster shell grit, cereal flakes, peanut pieces and pure beef fat and more. This is particularly useful for birds during winter months, helping to provide energy and keep them warm.

Our Chunky Dumplings Fat Balls are ideal for your feathered friends.

Product Features:

   - Safe, simple and no-nets

   - Feed birds without the risk of tangling

   - Holds up to three 100g Chunky Dumplings

   - Snaps open and shut for instant refills

  • Brand: Jacobi Jayne
  • Product Code: BB-2
  • Availability: In Stock